Customize Your Thanksgiving Wall Art

You’ve probably seen several witty versions of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster in recent years. I know I have. I ran across one at “Craftily Ever After” this year:

Free Printable from “Craftily Ever After”

I liked it, but I wanted something just a little personalized for our front hall so I decided to add a digital paper to it for that special touch.

To personalize it, I first opened the downloaded file in Adobe Photoshop. Then I selected the digital paper I wanted to use. I copied the digital paper into a layer above the original art and then set the blending mode for the paper layer to “lighten”. This worked because anything lighter than the brown became visible, but didn’t affect the white text areas. I printed it out and trimmed it to fit my square frame. What do you think?

Customized Art

Customized Art

Try it yourself, or find some new art to customize…like one of these:

Blissfully Ever After Subway Art Printable

Free Printable from A Proffitable Life