A Christmas Carol

I didn’t think I particularly liked “A Christmas Carol,” but auditioning for it was a part of my “strategic” plan to improve my résumé. I didn’t think I’d really get into the spirit of Christmas. I didn’t think I’d particularly connect with it at all.

Funny how I always think that, but turn out to be completely wrong.

Like the time I was in Music Man. I thought I hated that show. Turns out I don’t.

I finally got to sit in the audience of “A Christmas Carol” last night and enjoy every moment of it from a spectator’s view. I love the story we (well, technically the Monday, Wednesday, Friday cast) managed to tell. Surprisingly (since I am super familiar with the story at this point), I even teared up in the scene where Bob Cratchit puts Tiny Tim in bed with Scrooge watching. I loved the way Scrooge began to feel compassion in his heart for others. It made me feel the same. I didn’t expect to be moved by a show which I can watch from a wholly technical perspective. I notice everything that goes wrong—whether or not the rest of the audience does—and I was surprised that it didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the show one bit. Is it corny to say that my heart soared? ‘Cause it did. I’m so glad for the opportunity I’ve had to be in this show!