Leather Cuffs for Christmas

It’s a good thing my kids don’t care too much about my design life, so I can post this here without risk of ruining the Christmas surprise.

For the Minecraft cuff, I searched for images from MInecraft, copied one into my photo editing software and then printed it out on iron-on paper. I wondered if it would work. It wasn’t great, but I like the distressed effect, and I know my son will love it!

I tried making an iron-on photo montage from Dr. Who for my oldest daughter, but that didn’t work out so well. I don’t know if it just had more ink, or exactly why but it only seemed to stick to the leather very spottily, so I gave up on that and went with a leather-stamped quote and the blue color (which is the color of the Tardis).

The last one is a camp-style leather cuff for my Percy Jackson fan. It bears the Greek letters “KHB” for “Camp Half-Blood” — because Greek has no “C”.

I’m hoping they really love them!!


I also made a custom cuff for a friend. I hand-sculpted the Kanji symbol for love.